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Healthcare Finance

Is your medical aid giving you problems? Shortfalls, Not Accepted by institutions or doctors you prefer, or you don’t even have medical insurance? Oakfin has partnered a number of Private Health Institutions in a bid to make healthcare affordable and accessible to all. Our Healthcare Finance Option is an On-Demand Finance Option (Not a Medical Aid) available only when you fall sick should your current medical aid fail to deliver on its promise. It can also be used to pay for dependants who do not have medical insurance.

Benefits to Patients

  • No monthly premiums as the case with Medical Aid.
  • No waiting periods or pre-existing conditions clauses as the case with Medical Aid
  • No limit on number of dependants.
  • Flexible repayment periods & allows for cost sharing (repayments) between family members, friends & relatives in the event one falls sick.

Benefits to Medical Institutions/ Private Doctors

  • Payments are made upfront for any patient with shortfalls or whose medical aid you do not recognise. This also covers those without medical insurance.
  • Payments are made before any procedure can be carried out.
  • Your services become more accessible to current and potential patients.
  • The entire application and approval can be done while your patient waits at your reception area.