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Education Finance

Our Eduplan comes in three options:

i. Eduplan Local - Students

Oakfin offers students between ECD & University a one-year guaranteed facility to cover the entire school calendar year. That’s right, we will pay your tuition every term or semester for the entire year with just one application. No need to apply numerous times in a year. Just one application and you set for the whole year.

ii. School Easy Pay - Institutions - (Universities & Schools)

Oakfin understands the plight of most parents as they cannot afford to pay full tuition at once hence the proliferation of Payment Plans. Oakfin offers guarantees to Universities and Schools for any Payment Plans drawn by parents or working students. Bursars no longer need to chase students from classes as parents’ default on Payment Plans. Let us manage your Payment Plans today & guarantee your expected cashflows from approved Payment Plans! This product is only offered to Institutions such as Universities & Schools.

iii. Eduplan Diaspora

Are you a parent in the diaspora & have dependants in Zimbabwe still going to school? Has money meant for school fees been abused? This product is made just for you. Oakfin will pay for your local obligation in full direct to your child’s school & we collect monthly instalments directly from you.

Education Finance Benefits

  • We pay tuition for the entire school calendar year
  • No deposit required
  • No waiting periods
  • Repayments can be split between parents or sponsors of the beneficiary.
  • Covers students with parents in the Diaspora.